Kalysta Rose is a writer, mother, traveller and enjoys always taking time to Live Dreams.

After all, what would be the point if we never gave in to our dreams and jumped into some new experiences.

My 1st series is underway with Undercover Highlander out soon. This is the Book 1 in The Jade Witch series - a paranormal, contemporary, time travel romance. It's too much for just one genre.

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The Jade Witch Series

Undercover Highlander [Book 1: The Jade Witch series]

Sera must become the Jade Witch and fast.  It is her destiny, she is told, and time is running out for her to locate The Jade Wand lost to her coven years before.  Others are on it's trail, who will find it first.

To a non-witch it could mean immortality, to a witch it meant so much more - or so the legends are written. 

Sera just needs to remember how to be a witch and keep her focus on this quest and not with her lustful daydreams featuring her handsome highlander protector.  Or could he be a part of her destiny too?  A girl can wish can't she! 

Alec is her protector.  He has saved Sera's life already one time too many.  Can he concentrate on her enemies long enough to keep her safe or will her vivid green eyes act as the siren song that lures him to his undoing.

Kalysta Rose - Undercover Highlander